Celebrate Healthy Sleep

Sleep is one of the three key pillars of health, along with healthy diet, and exercise.  

What portion of people are not getting enough sleep?

One in three people aged 35-64 report they sleep less than the recommended hours. In the 18-34 and over 65 groups, one in four said they are not getting enough sleep. 

There is a clear link between the quality of sleep and people reporting they get enough sleep. The Statistics Canada study on sleep from 2020 showed that 78% of people who said they sleep well met sleep duration recommendations compared to 65% of those who said the quality of their sleep is poor. 

Compared to other countries, Canada and the United States share the place as the third most sleep-deprived country with around 30% of the population reporting lack of sleep. The UK and Ireland are worse with 37% and 34% 

Don’t focus on how many hours of sleep you got; quality is more important.

When you wake up do you feel:

  • Restored? 
  • Refreshed? 
  • Rested? 
  • Ready to face the challenges of the day?  

Check out these resources to gain more awareness about the importance of sleep: