Your Farm. Your Family. Your Success.  

This is the slogan for Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, recognized March 10 through March 16 this year. 

Our people. Your people. Power.   

Sound similar? This is our slogan. Great minds, together for the cause.

Agriculture, and in particular, agricultural safety is important to us at Tatonga. Every one of our professionals has a history with agriculture, whether they grew up on the family farm, or are living now in rural agricultural areas.

It really hits home for us.  

In our industry, we plan for safety every day, and help our organizations do the same.

We encourage farmers and ranchers to do the same, start each day with a plan for a safe day.  

What does this mean?


Talk about the tasks you will be doing, the hazard and controls, what will go wrong and how you can prevent it.


Label your chemicals and ensure your workers know how to handle them properly.


Know what to do in all types of emergencies. Have fire extinguishers, and first aid kits readily available. Know who to contact for help.


Use tools and equipment in good repair and use them properly.


Know your limitations. Be aware of your mental health, as well as fatigue. Your farm’s success depends on you.

Need more?

Reach out – to us, or to any of our agricultural safety partners: