Summer has flown by this year and is winding down soon.

Our kids will be going back to school within the next couple weeks

Are you ready? 

Here are some reminders: 

School zone times are 8am-930am, 11:30am-130pm, and 3pm-430pm on days when school is in.

Playground zones are in effect every day of the year, 730am to 9pm. Some schools may have both zones; both are marked by signs and require drivers to slow to 30km/hr or less. You are not allowed to pass other cars when the zones are in effect.  

School busses will be on the road again soon as well.

When you see a school bus on the road, slow down and prepare to stop if the amber lights are flashing. You must stop completely when the lights are flashing red and not continue until the bus has continued on. Be aware of children crossing the road.  

Children who do not ride buses or take other modes of transportation will walk or bicycle to school.

Be aware in residential areas that a child may be on the side walk or in the crosswalk. Be aware of the potential for a child to run out in front of your unexpectedly. Be cautious and always ready to stop quickly.  

Want more information!

Get familiar with school safety signage here