Risk Management

Safety Auditing

Auditing Title

Our consultants recommend that audits are part of the continual improvement process.

We provide internal and external auditing services.

Tatonga consultants work with various industry types and have diverse backgrounds adding the most value to your organization. When the audit is complete your organization will be left with a true understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement within your management system. Our consultants comprehensive assessments provide the information your organization needs to assign appropriate resources to make continual improvements that will provide the most benefit to your overall system.

Safety Program Development

Program Dev Title

Our approach recognizes that every company is unique, with different business objectives and growth aspirations.

Our team delivers customized safety programs that meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring regulatory compliance in a language that means something to the entire organization, not just management. Tatonga Consultants will equip you and your team with the tools to effectively maintain safety excellence, allow for growth and development while minimizing the impact to your business operations.

Whether you are owner/operator, small business or large corporation we can help you right-size your safety management system to address your areas of risk exposure and to meet or exceed compliance requirements to your desired level. If your organization wants to be successful in the future, you will need a safety management philosophy to help you achieve corporate goals.

Foster a program that can grow and change with your business.

Safety Registries

Registries Title

If you are a supplier, you have noticed the increasing demands to be pre-qualified as part of doing business with your clients.

Completing the requirements for industry registries like ISNetworld, Complyworks and Avetta can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our staff understand these systems, work with them every day and are ready to help you reach 100% compliance with all aspects.

Risk Management & Hazard Assessment

Risk Title

Establishing the corporate risk portfolio will list the jobs, tasks, and procedures completed by company operations and then assign a level of risk to the task.

Once evaluated, risk management strategies allow organizations to assume a pro-active position for safe work attitudes and activities. Hazard controls are utilized by staff to provide effective barriers to risk.

Like most consulting firms, we get in, assess your needs, prioritize management objectives, supply solutions and get out. But then, this is where our philosophy differs from other industry agents. Once we have provided you the solution, we become your anytime resource to help you address issues that arise in the day to day company operations. We become your organizations partner, SAFELY MANAGING RISK TOGETHER.

Certificate of Recognition

COR Title

We can support you in achieving large or small employer Certificate or Recognition (COR).

Whether you are just starting your safety program, or have an established one, we provide you with the resources and support to obtain COR certification. Our customized safety manuals and data collection forms are right-sized to your business needs and priorities by our consultants.