Tec Systems focuses on designing, manufacturing and servicing automated controls for Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Water/wastewater and food/beverage. The majority of their work is to manufacture and service automated feeders for animals at farms and hutterite colonies.  


Tec Systems Controls needed a health and safety management system as well as a SECOR. We helped build and create a right sized electronic safety management system, then achieved and maintained a SECOR certification. 


Risk Management


Tec-Systems Controls Ltd.

What We Did
  • Built and implemented safety management system (SMS) compliant with legislative requirements 
  • Achieved a SECOR with ACSA 
  • Moved Safety Management System to an electronic platform (DATS) 

Benchmark Audit

We worked to identify gaps in their current system, along with the right solutions.


Easy Digital Interface

A new digital safety management system was implemented to improve efficiency.


Achieve COR

We helped guide them to achieve COR with ACSA from 2012 through to 2020.


Employee Training

Our team ensured their team was fully equipped with the new tools to achieve their goals.

At Tec Systems Controls, the entire team appreciates working with Tatonga. Their light-hearted approach and training skills were essential while building and implementing our electronic safety management system. The system was customized and right sized to our operations. I would recommend Tatonga services and will continue working with Tatonga in the future.

Suzy DietrichGeneral Manager, Traders Tec Systems Controls Ltd.
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