Premier Integrated Technologies provides oilfield well maintenance and inspection as well as manufacturing of plungers and associated equipment.  


Premier Integrated Services needed COR certification before they could provide service to some of their clients.  Tatonga facilitated the achievement of COR certification, streamlined their safety management system on a digital platform to be more effective, efficient and cost effective.  Tatonga ensured compliance with U.S.A. requirements that permitted Premier to gain work in the U.S.A. 

Premier Integrated Technologies achieved a COR certification in 2013 and they have maintained their COR status to this day. Tatonga provides ongoing support to assist P.I.T. with keeping the safety management program effective, up to date and operational including registry compliance and US compliance.


Risk Management


Premier Integrated Technologies 

What We Did
  • Obtain an Alberta COR certification
  • Comply with legislation
  • Comply with P.I.T. client requirements
  • Manage the Safety Management System more efficiently using DATS
  • Registry compliance – ISNetworld, Comply Works, Avetta, and PEC Safety (US registry)
  • Maintain COR and manage safety management system

Benchmark Audit

We worked to identify gaps in their current system, along with the right solutions.


Easy Digital Interface

A new digital safety management system was implemented to improve efficiency.


Achieve COR

We helped guide them to achieve COR with ACSA from 2013 through to 2020.


Ongoing Support

Our team is there every step of the way to help ensure continued compliance and safety.

We all know safety is important but Tatonga helped us integrate safety management into our daily operations. Tatonga showed us how to put a positive spin on safety and how to efficiently engage people in our company’s safety program. We are all on the safety team now.

Steve VetterGeneral Manager, Premier Integrated Services Ltd.
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