Be Prepared. Know Your Risks.

Emergencies seem to be happening more and more often these days. Devastating floods, fires, and wind seem to happen every day. We feel powerless whenever we read about people being forced from their homes, about homes being destroyed.

The Government of Alberta conducts a survey of residents each year to determine preparedness for emergency and identify any gaps in supports and information to communicate.

In 2023 the Preparedness Survey of Albertan found the below: 







of survey respondents feel unprepared for an emergency. 

are concerned about the impacts of extreme weather. 

are not thinking about taking actions to prepare for emergencies 

have put together an emergency kit.

have made improvements to protect their property. 

of survey respondents feel unprepared for an emergency. 

Overall, Albertans feel they are not prepared for emergencies, with many feeling they do not have the knowledge to improve their self-reliance. 


The top three reasons we are not prepared are:


Lack of information


Lack of finances



Where do you fit? 

Are you prepared should you be threatened by extreme weather? How do you feel about your preparedness?

May 5th through 11th is Emergency Preparedness Week in Alberta

Over the next few days, we will talk about emergencies in our povince and how you can prepare yourself.